Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cupcake Toppers...perfect for your next birthday

I am constantly loving all things creative and there's no stopping me when it comes to anything related to a children's birthday party! I love baking & decorating and have discovered that cupcake toppers are a simple yet so effective way to display a perfectly ordinary cupcake. There are many out there on the market, but I am loving my own creations at the moment :)- simple, stylish and unique. They tie in nicely with any party theme or baby shower. Hope you're in love with them too...x
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my little jedi said...

toppers look great! I would love some for Anikens bday party :)

tkgrubisa said...

very pretty and effective....will order some for miki's bday!

Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

yes the butterflies will be perfect!

Chic Mother and Baby said...

thanks for sending through cupcake toppers as ideas :)

Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

not a problem! :)

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