Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spring School Holidays

Well we are nearly at the end of our first week of the Spring school holidays for 2010. I quite enjoy school holidays as it is a welcomed break from the 'school routine of lunches, bags packed, homework completed, home reading, school notes...' I love the fact we can have a sleep in and not 'rush' our mornings.

This week I have had a busy past few days with my boys. We have visited the fabulous and fun tastic 'Luna Park Sydney' with our yearly passes, it is one of the best purchases for the kids I have made! Visited our local park for a fish and chips picnic, sand play & bike ride, had some chilling time at home, playing at a fun centre {complete with indoor mini rock climbing!} and we will be off to have a train and ferry ride tomorrow!


{Kayden at local beach}

School holidays can be stressful for some and also they can prove to be costly. I think it is key to be able to plan out activities for the duration of the holidays so that you can budget and also provide your children with those rich life experiences- which are ever so important to every child's learning and development.

My favourite picks for activities that I am sure your children will love!
1.Visit your local park for a picnic lunch and take the scooters/bikes for some fun, fresh air and exercise.

2.Hop on a bus/train or ferry; even if it is to the next suburb. My boys absolutely LOVE doing this and it is such a great ~life experience for them.

3.Have a movie session if it is a rainy day, bring out their favourite movie, some popcorn and make up a cosy 'lounge' seat with some pillows and blankets {we like to make a mini tent/cubby}

4.Visit your local fun/play centre if the weather is temperamental. They usually have a 'school holiday entrance fee special' and it is great for the kids to run about and unleash all their energy!

5. Do some gardening/ artwork/drawing with your child. Set up mini activity stations and your children can rotate through each activity.

There are lots of fabulous resources online and in local newspapers that also provide 'things to do' in school holidays to make them enjoyable. I recently discovered a fabulous go-to resource through Facebook. Alphabet Street-Sydney is the destination for all things kids 0-12yrs!  And, if you're not from Sydney, you can visit t Alphabet Streets- other locations for details of what's on in your state/city! Simply type in Alphabet Street in Facebook's search engine and away you go!

I would LOVE to hear of what your favourite things to do in the holidays are! x

Monday, September 27, 2010

Roll Up, Roll Up The Circus is in Town!

I absolutely love parties and lately there have been many fabulous parties that have taken place and we are so lucky to have the wonderful creators share them with us all, through the facebook and blog world. So many talented and creative mums who have spent countless hours and lots of hard work to create the perfect party for their little ones.

Today we are excited to be featuring a party that comes from the gorgeous and uber talented Niki, from Candy Soirees. With  a Circus / Carnival theme, I am sure you will agree that this party is simply amazing! All the little details were carefully planned and styled to create a fun, bold and colourful party for Niki's two adorable sons. We were excited when Niki contacted us about our cake stand & striped paper bags that were used for the fairy floss/cotton candy. What a brilliant idea!!

Have a peek at some of the photographs from this spectacular day where everyone had a grand ól time. Well done Niki, you certainly have an eye for detail and creativity! My favourite part would have to be the colourful candy table- definately worth having a ticket for! and I also love the bright colourful flag bunting and birthday cake.

Thank you Niki for allowing us to share your captured images to our readers.


{Brightly coloured candy table featuring Giggleberry creations bunting}

{Love the cake featuring a creative bunting}

{Cupcake toppers adorned in circus colours and patterns by Candy Soirees,
 wrappers by The Cupcake Wrapper Co}

{Mmm Jaffas are my favourite! Love the special 'touch' on the candy jar}

{Alphabet cookies created in the boys'initials- brilliant!}

{Love the children's party table styled with colourful spotted Sambellina party ware}

{A circus would not be complete without balloons. A fabulous way to decorate the table!}

{Stylishly designed invitations by Candy Soirees}

Candy Soirees

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dye a Doily

{Rainbow coloured doilys, image from here}

Okay, so it's Saturday night and the boys are tucked in and sound asleep, hubby is off watching the Saints NRL game and I have the freshly cleaned house all to myself....time to relax? Yes, of course! Maybe not someone else's cup of tea, but I am able to relax by getting creative :)

So, I am busy planning away and gathering lots of ideas and inspirations for my son Maddox's upcoming 3rd birthday ice cream party. I thought about incorporating some doily's in the party somehow, but wanted a blue one which I can't seem to find anywhere. I know there is alot of gorgeous doily inspirations out there lately, and being a fan of it myself for a long time, tonight I got crafty and figured a way to get my 'blue boyish doily' thanks to good old Martha S!  It is a nice twist to the traditional paper doily and I am all about sharing the love ;)

Things You Will Need:
~a pack of white doilys {available at your local variety store}
~regular food colouring/dye {lucky I have a pantry full of little bottles of food colouring!}
~a bowl
~a pair of tongs
~some paper towels/napkins

Take a look at the photos to help you out {excuse the bad photography!}

1. Fill the bowl with half a cup of water.
2. Pour in about a bottle cap full of food colouring/dye. This amount should give you the right colour, feel free to add more for deeper colour or less for a pastel finish.
3.Use your tongs to pick up the doily and gently immerse in the bowl of mixed water/food colouring.
4.Leave for a few seconds until doily is completely covered in its stylish new colour.
5.Gently lift the doily out using your tongs and place it on a paper towel to allow excess water to drain off.
6. Lift off and leave to dry on a dish.
7. Enjoy styling your newly coloured doily!

I LOVE the how the yellow and the grey doily turned out! Oh and imagine the gorgeousness you can create with the green or a red coloured doily for xmas? I'm loving a black or orange doily too for halloween!

Where might you use a dyed doily?
Create a doily garland hanging on twine, underneath a gorgeous cake/cupcakes, as a coaster, frame it, wrap it around a bottle and finish off with twine, use to decorate a plate. The options are endless!

Enjoy x

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweet Strawberry

Strawberries are arguably one of my favourite fruits all year round- they are sweet, ruby red and remind me of my favourite childhood toy {Strawberry Shortcake scented doll}. What a lovely party theme for sweet little girls and the gorgeous Rhi from Oh Happy Day recently celebrated her daughter Dempsey's 1st Birthday party. I love all the details and styling by Rhi for this fabulous Strawberry Harvest Party. For more photos and details of the gorgeous products used take a look here.
{Too cute for words!  Mon Tresor strawberry clip}

{Stunning dessert table. Love the grass mats and candy}

{Mini pails with strawberry creams}

{Drink bottles in a crate of hay. Brilliant!}
Straws from Mon Tresor

{Mini jelly cups in red & green, scalloped stand from Sweet Little Birdy}

{Love the cake bunting trend}


Well done Rhi! x

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sugar And Spice {Baby Shower}

{Perfect cake and loving the invitation}

I have been focused on parties lately and find so much inspiration from so many different sources and I love sharing my finds. Today's feature is a stunning baby shower, hosted by the gorgeous Jennifer from Jennifer Birkhead Designs.

A sugar and spice colour palette of hot pink and orange worked fabulously with the decor and dessert table. I love the pom poms and stylish invitation created by Jennifer. The candy bar is another one of my favourite elements- colour co-ordinated and delicious! The day was complete with a beautiful prayer/poem to the mum to be using a gorgeous birthing bead kit fro Sacred Stones- to ensure a smooth transition from womb to world. {Love this idea!}

Amazing photography by the talented Linda at Shoot 4 U to capture every moment of the special day.

And of course, I was so excited when I saw the buffet label holders from Mon Tresor!

Well done Jennifer and congratulations on planning a truly spectacular and memorable day!
{Love the pom poms and fresh gerbra's}

{Orange & Pink cake pop}

{Mouth watering candy from the Sweet Shoppe where guests
 filled their party bags upon departure}

For further details, head over here

Monday, September 13, 2010

I Squeal for Salmon & Teal

Recently I have seen the most beautiful colour palettes and combinations, thanks to the world of blogs. Unusual pairings, daring and dainty- exploring the rainbows of colours is the next big thing- who would have thought!

I love this combination of salmon and teal. Salmon being one of my favourite colours at the moment and having recently purchases a lovely light cardigan in this shade, it is perfect to style with almost anything!

My favourite blogs at the moment Birthday Girl featured some images of this dainty, dreamy and vintage inspired party. I love the details especially the embroidery hoops and paper flowers. There are even DIY instructions here. And let's not go past the latest special guest feature on Amy Atlas' blog- stunningly beautiful.

This is definately the colour palette for spring...perfect for high tea parties, ruffles and all things girly x

{Image via here}

{Amy Atlas blog}

{More gorgeous salmon & teal}

Friday, September 10, 2010

Apple of my eye

I am not a big fruit eater during the cold months, but as we approach the warmer seasons I am beginning to think of delicious juicy apples, cherries, and my favourites- stone fruits! I love the idea of a party centered around a gorgeous fruit such as cherry or apples, it workds for girls and boys. There was a gorgeous Cherry party featured on Little Sooti- take a look if you missed it. I love these ideas for an apple party. Too cute!

Ice cream apples

Apple pops

{Popcorn Apple & Hello Naomi cookies}
Green stripey straws available @ mon tresor

 Stylish party favour bags 

   Divine Twine in apple 
{mon tresor}  

Apple clip
{mon tresor}

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meet Sweet Little Birdy {Guest Blogger}

I am very excited to share with you a 'special guest interview' with the gorgeous Tara from Sweet Little Birdy. I was over the moon when Tara happily agreed to take part in an interview for our blog.

If you haven't already heard about all he gorgeousness at Sweet Little Birdy, you must be licing under a rock! You will be happy to hear they are launching a brand new website very very soon! I know I am not alone when I say I cannot wait to get my hands on the lovely products available at Sweet Little Birdy, including the beautiful collection of birdcages and milk bottles. I personally adore the styling of the products that provide such inspiration.

Thank you for sharing your story with us! Xx

What is the name of your store? What is the story behind its name?
Sweet Little Birdy. We had no idea of the name and jotted a few down that we thought were suitable. ‘A little birdy’ was on the list, as the saying ‘A little birdy told me’ had become a bit of a running joke in our house so we put ‘a little birdy’ on the list as a bit of fun and it kind of stuck and we decided to use it. When we went to register the business the name was taken. A few of the other names on the list started with ‘sweet’ so we combined sweet with little birdy and we loved it!

What was your inspiration for starting your business? When did you start your business?
Sweet Little Birdy is a combination of what I am passionate about. It combines my love of party styling, the colour pink, my decorating styles, my attention to detail, gorgeous home decor, my love of photography, social networking and the internet. It all started to come together when I started to compile a ‘scrapbook’ (of sorts) whenever I came across pictures and articles of things I loved – I didn’t really have any sort of goal in mind at the time but often wondered what I could do to combine all these fantastic things that I loved so much, and over time Sweet Little Birdy really just evolved and in June this year it all just seemed to click into place and I had a clear focus on where I wanted my dream to go.

What is your favourite product from your collection?
Can I say everything? I love every single thing that we sell, but if I had to pick I think at the moment it would be our oversized dotty cups – they just have so many uses and just look gorgeous. (I have a head over heels, weak at the knees love of polka dots).   {I share your love for polka dots!! }

What products can we expect to see on your soon to launch website?!
Oh lots and lots of exciting things - homewares, childrens wear and decor, party styling needs, kitchen and bakeware, wedding needs and just lots and lots of gorgeous gorgeous things.   {Can't wait!!}

What are the top 3 blogs that you love to read at the moment?
I have so many! My favourites at the moment tho are The TomKat Studio (gorgeous party styling and decorating – posts on lots of things I love), Chic Mother and Baby Blog (great blog with lots of interesting content) and Sambellina (just because I love polka dots and adore their range).

What is your favourite movie and why?
I absolutely love all the classic girly movies – Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Gone with the Wind, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Titanic and Pretty Woman, but one of my favourite all time movies is ‘8 seconds’ – its the story of Lane Frost, a bull riding champion and the movie chronicles his life. It’s just one of those movies that touched my heart, and had some great elements a movie needs – love, life, drama and tears.

3 words to describe yourself?
Meticulous, holistic, affectionate.

Favourite place in the world and why?
I’d like to say Paris or Milan but honestly my favourite place is my house – this is the place where I get to kiss my man and my babies goodnight and see their gorgeous faces each morning, its the place where we laugh and play and have fun, where we come together in tough times and where all the good memories are made.

What is your goal for Sweet Little Birdy in the next 12 months?
I have so many ideas for Sweet Little Birdy and am so excited about the next 12 months. We plan to continually add to our collection, introduce new ideas, inspire people with how to use our products and to also help other people achieve their dream by sourcing products from the many talented and crafty people out there.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Star Wars Party!

Yesterday was not only Father's Day, it was also a special day for my super cute nephew Aniken as we celebrated his 1st Birthday! With the sun shining, plenty of food and candy, it sure was a fun filled party. Naturally, the theme of the party was 'Star Wars' and it was nothing short of stylish. Vesna did an amazing job with the gorgeous dessert table- featuring handmade party hats and birthday banner, a selection of colour co-ordinated candy, delicious cupcakes and cookies (made by me!), a fabulous R2D2 cake by 2bites, mouth watering wrapped chocolates by Candy Soirees and party labels designed by Jordan from Polkadot Prints.

The children had fun playing with their blow up light sabers in the jumping castle and playing traditional party games such as pin the light saber on the Jedi's, pass the parcel and collecting lollies from the darth vader pinata...actually, diving for the lollies!

Take a look at some of the fabulous pictures of this special day. Happy 1st Birthday Jedi Aniken! May the force be with you, always :)

{delicious r2d2 cake by 2bites}

{vanilla mud cupcakes by me :) & red stand from mon tresor}

{stripey straws from mon tresor. Love the stylish jedi lolly bags}

{Wookie Cookies! Cookie made by me ;)}

For more fabulous images head over to My Little Jedi blog! Xx

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