Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spring School Holidays

Well we are nearly at the end of our first week of the Spring school holidays for 2010. I quite enjoy school holidays as it is a welcomed break from the 'school routine of lunches, bags packed, homework completed, home reading, school notes...' I love the fact we can have a sleep in and not 'rush' our mornings.

This week I have had a busy past few days with my boys. We have visited the fabulous and fun tastic 'Luna Park Sydney' with our yearly passes, it is one of the best purchases for the kids I have made! Visited our local park for a fish and chips picnic, sand play & bike ride, had some chilling time at home, playing at a fun centre {complete with indoor mini rock climbing!} and we will be off to have a train and ferry ride tomorrow!


{Kayden at local beach}

School holidays can be stressful for some and also they can prove to be costly. I think it is key to be able to plan out activities for the duration of the holidays so that you can budget and also provide your children with those rich life experiences- which are ever so important to every child's learning and development.

My favourite picks for activities that I am sure your children will love!
1.Visit your local park for a picnic lunch and take the scooters/bikes for some fun, fresh air and exercise.

2.Hop on a bus/train or ferry; even if it is to the next suburb. My boys absolutely LOVE doing this and it is such a great ~life experience for them.

3.Have a movie session if it is a rainy day, bring out their favourite movie, some popcorn and make up a cosy 'lounge' seat with some pillows and blankets {we like to make a mini tent/cubby}

4.Visit your local fun/play centre if the weather is temperamental. They usually have a 'school holiday entrance fee special' and it is great for the kids to run about and unleash all their energy!

5. Do some gardening/ artwork/drawing with your child. Set up mini activity stations and your children can rotate through each activity.

There are lots of fabulous resources online and in local newspapers that also provide 'things to do' in school holidays to make them enjoyable. I recently discovered a fabulous go-to resource through Facebook. Alphabet Street-Sydney is the destination for all things kids 0-12yrs!  And, if you're not from Sydney, you can visit t Alphabet Streets- other locations for details of what's on in your state/city! Simply type in Alphabet Street in Facebook's search engine and away you go!

I would LOVE to hear of what your favourite things to do in the holidays are! x


Mirela said...

Local park,with there bikes are always fun for me and the boys,also my boys love time zone so that's always a nice treat:)
enjoy the rest of your holidays xx

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