Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Writing on the Walls {Chalk}

image via my sweet savannah 
Images courtesy of, Country Living & Pottery Barn.

Okay, so I am planning a huge party for my son Kayden this weekend and amidst the party preps and planning I found myself driving to the local hardware store to get a tin of chalkboard paint- my current love.

I have been thinking of painting one wall in the house for a while now, and when hubby didn't disagree with the idea today, I jumped at the opportunity. My boys would totally love it, and as a teacher who now has a whiteboard and smartboard, I miss the days of the good old chalkboard. Also, I think it may just be the perfect creative backdrop for the Baseball/Sports themed party this weekend.

What are your thoughts? x


Anonymous said...

Go for it. It's only paint and if it doesn't work out you can always just paint over it again ;)
I love the look too. I just can't stand the dust and white chalk handprints that go with it, lol.

Modern Cupcake - Jill said...

Give it a whirl! Great way to make a bold statement & functional too! On the flip side...think about the "dust". I'm an interior designer and have had to take this into consideration many times when considering chalkboard paint. Cheers! Let me know what you decide! :)

Jordan - Polkadot Prints said...

Do it! :) Will look great I'm sure!

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