Saturday, June 12, 2010

Colour My World...Naturally

Oooh how excited I am to share with you a new product available through Mon Tresor! 
Introducing these wonderfully stylish crayon rocks created by Barbara Lee DaBoll! As a primary school teacher I recognise the importance of allowing children to indulge and experiement with their creativity through art and craft and crayons are one of the vital coloring tools to use. These little clever crayons are made from all natural soy wax and are coloured with mineral powders to create a gorgeous selection of vibrant colours. Their unique pebble design are perfect to develop their fine motor skills and encourage the 3 finger grip to create rich, bright artworks and drawings. Designed for pre-schoolers and primary school children, these crayon rocks are recommended for ages 3+.

They come in a range of 16 different colours, in a soft red velvet 'treasure bag' which is perfect for you to keep in your handbag, at home, add as a party favour, a birthday gift, or even as a decor statement! Your children will love them and so will you!

Available to purchase soon through our new gorgeously styled website Mon Tresor. Or, if you simply cannot wait, {trust me they are a definate must have!} email me and I will be happy to post them out to you sooner. Xx

~Dream. Smile. Colour~
crayon rocks


my little jedi said...

Very cute.. Saw these on babyology not long ago.. very nice colours :)

Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

Yes they are just fabulous, I love them! They have featured in many many magazines and blogs locally and internationally!

Marianne's Sweet Delights said...

Love the colours!

Beky said...

They are so pretty.

Rebecca said...

Hello, these are so cool. They actually look like rocks. Brilliant!!
Thanks for stopping by Gift-A-Cupcake
Am following now via networked blogs

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