Saturday, June 26, 2010

Furniture Fetish

{the kitchen and dining area}
I love the blue tiles and unique metal chandilier

Lately, I have been enjoying reading about and being inspired by others nursery and children's rooms. It then got me thinking about all the rooms in a household and how fabulously they can be styled. In particular, whilst watching {Sex and the City 2} and admiring the fashion worn by the gals, I couldn't take my eyes off the gorgeous furniture pieces and the styling of Carrie & Big's apartment. Such inspiration!
I loved everything about it- the entry, the kitchen, the lounge and bedroom, the colours, accessories, all of it! And, of course let's not forget that walk in wardrobe! Oh my goodness it is the size of another room! Oh how I would love to have one of those!
So, this post is dedicated to images from the wonderful apartment that I could very easily call my home...and especially because its situated in {NYC}.
Enjoy xX
{the lounge area}
I love the sapphire blue couch, artwork, the coffee table- what a gorgeous area for conversation

{the kitchen and dining area}
I love the warm neutral tones, the millions of pillows, the textures and patterns and those curtains are lush

{the wardrobe!}
I am speechless, I have no words! Except for "I want"!

{the entry}
What a gorgeous place to be entering each day. I particularly love the bookcases on either side, the centre round table with flower filled vase, the wallpaper, the lights..okay I love everything here!


tkgrubisa said...

I was blown away at how gorgeous their apartment was...loved it more than the fashion!!!

ash said...

Your blog is such a visual feast! wow! So many beautiful things...

Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

thanks ash! :)

Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

yes kris, i agree with you. I loved looking at it all in the movie :)

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