Saturday, July 23, 2011

How I first found the Ahhmazing AMY ATLAS! I wake up on July 15th  and scroll through my emails to see a message on my Facebook page by my high school friend who posts:: "Amy Atlas is planning a trip Down Under". My immediate reaction? OMG!! I was beyond excited at the chance that Amy would be making the trip to Australia to meet so many of us that love love love her work so I hopped onto the Amy Atlas Events Facebook page to see if it were real & I found the post by Amy herself- it was true! A chance to meet my idol, the ultimate Queen of dessert tables & styling, the woman who inspired me to move into a different direction with my business -Mon Tresor. What a fabulous opportunity to be able to meet & greet Amy in our great country Australia.

I know I am not alone in saying that I spend countless hours on end perusing and scaling through many blogs, finding sources of inspiration everywhere. This is how I first found Amy Atlas - GOOGLE ING!!  I will never forget that night - I knew I struck gold the minute I read about all about Amy and viewed her impeccable photo gallery of dessert tables.

Back in 2008, I started my crafty little business Mon Tresor- beginning as a place of all things girly, ribbons and jewels. It was my girly outlet as I was surrounded by my hubby & two beautiful boys. On top of that it was also my escape- my way to  deal with my husband's unfortunate health issues. 

In mid 2008 when I began to plan my son Maddox's 2nd birthday I decided that I  wanted it to have a touch of something more than just the usual. So, off I went on my trusty laptop & began googling away- that is how I found Amy! I typed in something to the likes of ''stylish children's party blog photos" and the image results led me to Amy Atlas' Blog. Amen to Google!

                 My first dessert table back in 2009. Inspired to create a dessert table after finding Amy Atlas.

Dessert table March 2010

Dessert Ice cream party October 2010

From that moment my passion for parties, party goodies and styling ignited & this was carried through to my business- focusing on party products & styling as well as baking. To this day I find I am always drawn to Amy's dessert tables. They are exquisite, elegant and are purely fabulous and they always are a source of inspiration when planning one of my own dessert tables. I cannot wait for Amy's book to be released- I know that it will be absolutely amazing and it will no doubt be the bible to dessert table styling. I love reading about the ''behind the scenes to the book'' here.

I am honored and truly grateful as I am able to say that my styling of dessert tables has had the nod of approval by Amy Atlas herself-and I am proud to say that I have been featured on her blog FOUR times! Every single time I have had a smile from ear to ear & words cannot describe how excited and happy I feel.

If you would love for Amy Atlas and her team to visit down under,  simply click here and write Australia in the section ''where did you hear about us".

        My Halloween Table 2010- First Feature on Amy Atlas Events Blog- take a look here

                        My Christmas Dessert Table 2010- Second Feature. Take a look here

 My Baseball Dessert Table 2011-Third Feature. Take a look here.

Easter Dessert Table -Fourth Feature. Take a look here.

So, that is how I first found the wonderful world of Amy Atlas Events. How did you first discover the Dessert Style Queen?

Thank you to Jane from Home Made Parties for posting the question'''How Did You First Find Out Amy Atlas?" It has been lovely to share with you all & I have loved reading others'' experiences.


Lisa said...

Hi Suzanna, I am so enjoying reading everyone's blogs about how they found Amy of Amy's Atlas. How exciting that Amy will be making the trip to Australia. She is defiantly one of my role models. Thank you for sharing your story on how you found Amy. You have beautiful work and are an inspiration too.
Lisa ~HR Creative Design Studio

Jane (and Lou) said...

Yay - you posted it - loved learning more about you, a little about your fmaily & how your business evolved. And you know what? I could really feel in this post how proud of yourself and how delighted you were when your tables were featured on Amy's blog. I think that women like you, who have truly made this the direction and focus of their lives and their business deserve to be recognised and honoured by the industry leaders. Thanks for sharing, Jane xx

Not Just A Mommy! said...

That is so awesome that she is making her way to you all! I'm hoping her book tour will make it's way to Seattle so I can meet her!

I've loved all your parties, and I'm always excited to see your latest projects, you inspire me too! OK, enough gushing...I'm so thrilled to know, I discovered her early!

I first saw her on the Hostess blog!

I even left a comment about her inspiration on my upcoming dessert party...boy, have I come a long way! :)

Amy Sheaves said...

Do you know that I found you via Amy Atlas? I absolutely LOVE your style, and although I've only ever purchased once from you, I love looking at all your stuff and what you're up to. You too are an inspiration to me.

Dorangela said...

You are super talented. I can only hope maybe someday! Love. D

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