Sunday, July 17, 2011


The lovely Kristie put together this sweet Barbie party for her daughters Emerson & Milla. Kristie created a party that incorporated a Barbie silhouette and incorporated the classic colours of black, white and pink. " Emerson loves anything Glam and Barbie, so after a bit of googling and applying my creative hat this is what i came up with".

As told by Kristie, "Little girls got to take home glam skirts and boys bow ties (that my Mum and I made both), they also took home stunning patternd bags with stationery included. There was a disco and a glitterising bar (as in the Barbie movie). 

I made all the featured food, including the cake and the toppers (party circles) were from Gwynn Watson Store on Etsy. Everything else was made by my Mum and I".

Thank you Kristie for your submission. If you would like your party featured, send an email to with up to 10 photographs.


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