Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Trip to NYC: Meeting Amy Atlas & Lisa

It feels like forever since I first boarded the plane headed for NYC in September this year. Longing for a much needed girly trip and wanting to take some time out of my busy schedule, my sister and I decided that Manhattan was the definately the perfect destination.  Whilst we were there, we shopped like crazy and could not get enough of the variety of products across all stores, we did alot of sightseeing,- which included a night visit to the top of the Empire State Building, (amazing!) we watched a Yankees game,(one of my favourite experiences EVER)  saw Mary Poppins on 42nd St, (words cannot describe) and we were part of the live studio audience for the season premiere of The Martha Stewart Show!(more on that in my next post!) With all that being said, what could possible top that? The opportunity to meet the amazing Amy Atlas, Styling Queen of all dessert tables & the lovely Lisa from the Sweet Team! (insert squeal!)

I was most grateful that Amy & Lisa took some time out of their very busy and hectic schedules to meet up with my sister and I, in the Upper East Side. Initially, I was feeling quite nervous, I could not believe that I was about to meet Amy- someone who constantly inspires me & opened my creative mind to the dessert table and styling world two years ago.Those feelings of nervousness and anxiety  quickly disappeared the moment I met both Amy & Lisa and we sat and had a chat about all things desserts, styling, parties and of course the soon to be released Book & possible upcoming trip to Australia.

Thank you so much Amy & Lisa for your time, it was wonderful to sit and chat and it is a moment that I will  cherish x


bunchflowers said...

ooh exciting!! any inside information on when they may come to Oz??x

Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

it was very exciting! No info on that yet :)

Rowaida said...

Hi Suzanna, So excited for your trip Suzanna, Amy is an amazing person. I am sure she was also happy to meet an amazing and talented person as you. Best of luck.
Loving your pinterest boards! xo

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