Friday, November 18, 2011

Sweet Table Contest Submission, Round 4

We have had an influx of submissions for the Sweet Table Contest for 2011. So, let's get the posts rolling! Here are our first three submissions. Enjoy!

An from Northern Australia designed this dessert table for her daughter's birthday party. A woodland forest theme was the inspiration, along with natural colours of the forest, tied in with red.

Next up we have Rachel, who created this dessert table using a colour palette of classic pink and chocolate for her daughter Charlotte's 5th birthday. Charlotte was given a cockatiel for Christmas and developed a love of birds, which inspired the theme for the table. 

Sonia from Melbourne Australia styled this dessert table and it was her first time. Sonia was inspired from the Alannah Rose invitations 'Take me to the fair'. Sonia baked all the desserts herself!

Sonia's carousel inspired dessert table

Remember! All submission are due in by December 11th!
To enter, email a clear photograph of your dessert table along with a brief paragraph about what inspired you to create it!

Contest open to only NON-professional bakers/ stylists.


Victoria Mische said...

Can I vote? I like the Sonia's carousel table set up! Its super cute as if kids will definitely like this idea! Very clever idea!

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

So exciting to see the entries come in! Lots of sweets table inspiration for all!

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