Friday, May 14, 2010

It's a Fairytale Thing!

Something that has caught my eye more recently is the classic Fairytale Story is making a very welcomed comeback. These days, a good classic story from the past can sometimes be overshadowed by the current tv show characters turned story books. I love a good fairytale and infact back when my son Kayden was 3 years old, our ritual bedtime story routine was an oral version of the 'Three Little Pigs'! This went on for quite a while, and we mastered a long and short version of it! :)

I am currently working on a new collection of cupcake toppers, in addition to the latest collection, that can be personalised with your child's name, their age and happy birthday. There will be a unique range for both girls and boys and they will feature a lovely blend of colours and prints (not your average ones!)

The first lot I will be putting to use is for my dear niece's 4th birthday party this weekend. A princess theme has been planned so I will be busy getting to work on a lovely little set of cupcake toppers to tie in with her theme... :) I will make sure to post some photos to show you!

The lovely Mama Loves to Shop Blog recently posted a collection of Red Riding Hood inspired products. Take a look at the fabulous products featured here.

One of my favourite fairytales is Little Red Riding Hood, which is yours? Xx


Sarah said...

I enjoy reading your blog
This has got to be my fave version of the 3 little pigs which I enjoy with my 02 little girls...check it out


Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

Hi Sarah, thank you for your feedback :)

I just had a look at the link, how cute! Thank you for sharing!

I love it! It's something about the animation from back then, the music, it all creates that nice safe and warm fuzzy family feeling.


Chic Mother and Baby said...

Enchanted forests woodland themes are a hot trend right now!!! I hope your cupcake toppers are doing well...

Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

Mina, I totally agree! I have a really gorgeous boys and girls mushroom topper, will post photos tomorrow!! xx

my little jedi said...

Loving LRRH at the moment, so sweet x

Kathy said...

Those cake toppers are so cute, hooray for the fairytale comeback... we need more fairytales in our children's lives:)

tkgrubisa said...

this one is so many cute choices available for kids:)

Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

Kathy I definately agree with you on that one! :)

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